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Along with online mastering’s advent there’s come a few belief’s that the procedure is in someway poor than an attended session. This may need to do with the net’s love of compressed file formats, proliferation of faceless websites with little or no detail regarding engineer history or equipment being used and the fact that everything online is merely “more affordable”. It surely is not always the case.

Online mastering has the potential to be as great as mastering in an attended mastering session. When delivering files for mastering make sure you send 24 bit.wav or.aiff stereo interleaved files and not compressed file formats such at MP3, WMA or AAC files. When you send them ensure that you.zip or.rar the files up this manner the data will arrive at the engineer bit perfect (these algorhythms feature error checking within the compression procedure) so there isn’t any degradation of audio quality at all. Zip and RAR files are lossless file compression algorhythms unlike MP3 and WMA which are “lossy” sound special data compression formats which strip crucial information from the file (which isn’t possible to reconstruct or recover). So as long as you use.wav and.aiff files at 24 bit the audio quality will be indistinguishable to having them on a DVD, USB key/stick or CD-R.

In addition there can be some who use less than the greatest quality equipment for mastering sound, this can sometimes put people off the quality aspect of mastering and muddy the waters as to who has your best interests at heart. A reputable online mastering studio is only going to use high quality gear to process your audio.

Always look into what the engineer has been doing in their engineering profession this will shortly lead you into whom is a skilled individual with years of professional audio engineering experience and ensure you aren’t sending your sound to a pupil, spare bedroom chancer or other inexperienced person. To read more interesting information on cheap mastering service check out this website.

Why not talk to the engineer by phone this is a good method of getting a first impression from the engineer with regard to experience and knowledge.

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